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The Center is always working on new and exciting projects that promote a safe, welcoming and environmentally sustainable environment for learning. The Center hopes to use innovation to save money and educate our students about the use of environmentally sustainable techniques.


The Center is located in an agricultural area that is rapidly industrializing and has significant population growth in the past several years.  As the area grows, the Center will offer a road map for instituting environmentally sustainable lifestyle choices. Please preview some of the many projects underway and select which you would like to donate towards! Check back often to find new innovative projects to help fund!

Projects: Service

St. Constantine's International School!

We're excited to announce our recent partnership with St. Constantine's International School. Kicking off our collaboration in November 2023, our friends from St. Constantine's visited us to plant trees and to share Christmas gifts with our students. Check out this amazing video filed by the Head of Primary at St. Constantine's!


We look forward to a bright future with our new friends! 


The Mawingu Project has successfully registered its first cohort of kindergarten students for 2019! Soon we hope to secure enough funding to offer both a morning and an afternoon class in order to accommodate all interested families.



Individual projects that are in planning for the immediate future include:

- Building a teachers' residence

-Building additional classroom space

-Implementing a poultry project

-Planting trees

-Building a playground

-Adding a cooking and eating area

Projects: Service
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