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We work with local artists to produce handmade items for sale here in our online shop. This effort is born of our ongoing dedication to educating the less fortunate in Tanzania and providing them with the resources to succeed.

Our products offer you an enjoyable way to donate to our cause, and to receive a unique keepsake in the process! Please check back soon when we will offer option to purchase these unique items online!


The items we offer for sale are handcrafted in Arusha, Tanzania and are purchased directly from the artisans through fair trade practices. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these items go to funding programs offered to the underprivileged of Tanzania.



At Mawingu, we believe in the power of enterprise and collaboration to overcome many of the shortcomings that often affect traditional charitable models. To achieve long term sustainability, it is crucial that we diversify our donor base and invest in our future. To this end, we have established a small business in the United States, through which we purchase fair trade goods in Africa and resell them in the United States. The profit from this enterprise is then donated back to Mawingu as a corporate donation. In this way, we are able to support local artisans in Africa and offer beautiful and unique gifts for sale to our Mawingu supporters

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