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What we do
Education for life

The Mawingu Project, a 501c3 registered public charity in Washington state, was founded as a way to bring educational opportunities to rural communities in Africa. Rural areas account for 3 in every 4 people living on less than $1 a day.  Without access to proper education men, women, and children in these areas are unable to build a better future for themselves and their families.  We believe that by offering specific, educational resources to individuals of all ages this cycle of poverty can be broken and new doors can be opened without damaging cultural institutions. To further this belief we fund and help operate a charity school in the village of Ematasia, in northern Tanzania that offers free pre-K, after school programs for youth and vocational seminars for adults in the community.

What we do
Sustainable development

By focusing on a small community in need, the Ematasia Education Center has become a base from which people can begin new journeys that will lead them to live more fulfilling lives.  Our mission is to offer our assistance with the smallest footprint possible on the community and the land.  By operating on a small plot of land and adopting environmentally sustainable practices the Education Center endeavors to set an example of how small, educational outreach centers in rural Africa can be a model for the future.

What we do
Small-donor model

By keeping our organization small it is our belief that we can minimize overhead costs and maximize our impact on the people we serve.  If this approach to giving appeals to you please join us in this most urgent cause, every dollar counts and every effort is appreciated!  Please consider donating, and we can get to work!

Volunteer with us
Flexible partnerships

Volunteers are a vital component of any philanthropic effort, and intercultural collaboration is a central pillar of our work at Mawingu. By organizing group and individual volunteer experiences for people from around the world, we endeavor to spread understanding and education to all. 


At the Ematasia Education Center there are many ways to volunteer—you might be itching to jump into the classroom, or if you feel like getting your hands dirty with something other than chalk dust, you can join us outdoors on one of our many ongoing projects! We love to work with individuals who offer a special talent that can be passed along to our students, and we welcome all ages and skill levels! 


Whether you are looking to visit the Center for an afternoon or stay for a few months, we will tailor the volunteer experience to your needs and abilities. Please check back often to follow our progress and send us an email if you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities!

Volunteer with us
Tailored opportunities

We understand that all volunteers bring a diversity of skill sets and experiences to their work at the Project, and we work hard to provide tailored opportunities for them to contribute to our growing community. Recent volunteers have rolled up their sleeves and tackled some of our ongoing construction projects, including the erecting of a permanent roof on one of our new structures.

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